About us

BOCCA was born out of emotion during numerous trips to Bella Toscana - beautiful Tuscany. We explored hot places, hearing cicadas hidden among the olive trees and vines.

We were looking in italian wines for a spirit that would embrace warmth and elegance. We saw Italian women, who in their red Alfa Romeos and silver Vespas were rushing impeccably elegant and always smiling.

For a long time, we thought of a brand for modern women, uncompromisingly combining beauty and practicality.

Walking down the old town of Florence, we saw a modern art gallery "built into" the ancient walls. On display were presented female lips painted with a bold line. We knew this image would stay with us for a long time. That’s how BOCCA (Italian for "Mouth") was born - a brand for women who are beautiful and practical at the same time. Always well prepared to get a little crazy.

About us

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